Real moms doing stuff for US! Read on!

Yep! We are calling ourselves Mimosa Moms. Not just because we like to drink mimosas. I mean, we are not partial to mimosas. We also like to drink lots and lots of wine! But this blog is not totally just about being moms that drink to get us through our days, but about the other interests that keep us going as well, most of the time while still partaking in our wine habit!  Hehehe.  Let me tell you a bit about us. We are a group of 4 moms…one full-time college professor, one part-time dental hygienist, one full-time work from home corporate mom that travels a ton, and one stay-at-home mom. We all live in the same hood! Walkable distance of course. This makes it easier for us to use our wagons and strollers to tote all our drinking, crafting, fitness necessities, etc., from one house to the other. Oh ya…. and our children too of course. Let’s not forget those little muffins.

Our neighborhood is old.  All 1960’s ranch style brick homes, that all the original owners kick the bucket in and leave the new crowd (us) with blue toilets, pink tile, and wall paper with fruit and crap on it. This is great for us because it gives us lots of DIY projects to try and get our creative juices flowing as to what we can do and create amongst other things. This blog started with that idea. That we, as moms, have other outlets and interests besides what whole foods we are putting into our child’s lunchbox. I am tired of talking about that. I think most of us do what we can to be the best mom on the block and feed our kids all the good stuff but, today, screw it!  I am throwing in some processed cheese and some Doritos.. and maybe even top it off with a few Oreo cookies. What the hell!! Why not! Today is about what we like to do for ourselves.  The girls and I each have our “thing” that we like to do and/or are good at, so we thought we would write about it. And maybe…just maybe, it would be a great reference for other moms who just need to focus on and do something for themselves. So we will share all of those things – yoga, fashion, DYI projects, mom adventures, etc. I have discovered you can learn many things from YouTube videos, blogs, and Google these days, but come with us! Try some new things. Do something fun. Try yoga or refurbishing a piece of furniture in your house. We will teach you how!


Your BFF,






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