About Us…Take a Sip and Stay a While


Okay! So here we go! A brief description of all of us so we can all become BFFs.

First…there is Angie Mar. She is a work from home corporate mom that travels a ton. Yes,  her hubby takes over while she is gone. We call her Angie Mar most of the time because this is her maiden name. Typically, with a nickname it makes sense to shorten it, but we like to be complicated. So, why not!  Angie is our super workout friend. We all work out, but she takes  it to a new level. She is at the gym at 4:30 am every morning, does yoga on her lunch break, and lifts like a beast. I am hoping she can teach us all how to do a little yoga…and then teach us how to do it at home, in between all the other crap we have going on. Stay tuned for some videos on that note.

Then there is Amanda. Her fam calls her  Mandy…but Mandy sounds a bit like a stripper name so we go with Amanda. She is a full-time College Professor that I am sure gets the best dressed award not only from her colleagues, but from her students as well. We can look to her for shopping and fashion advice.  We know her as the raunchy-mouthed Jersey girl who typically throws the word Vagina into most conversations, even when she knows it will make people the most uncomfortable… especially the husbands. She grew up the youngest of 3 with 2 older brothers, so nothing is off-limits. It’s fantastic!

3rd in the row is myself. I am Natalie and also the mastermind behind this awesome blog.  I am a part-time Dental Hygienist. So now I have to describe myself, which is hard to do. Maybe I should let the girls do that, but that scares me so I am just going for it.  I am guessing they would say there is always that one friend who is somewhat crazy and comes up with a different idea every day of something I or we should do or try. Hence this blog. Maybe it’s those 2 days a week that my kids are in school and I am home by myself that always keeps me looking for something to do, or a project to work on. It’s dangerous.  I usually hit up the gym in the morning, then of course make a stop by the local Target, and then it’s idea time. So for now, that is figuring out this whole blog thing . You know, we are not all so computer literate at this age…even my 10 year old thinks she knows way more than I do about computers and she is probably right. I don’t know that I am good at any one particular thing, but I get ideas and I go with it. I read a lot about the things I want to learn how to do or try and I just go for it. I am surprised that I have actually remained in the same career as long as I have because I get bored or distracted. I am not sure which is the right word and I probably need to be medicated, but I for now I will settle for wine as my medication.  I will throw in posts about God knows what, but I will do my best to inform and entertain.

Lastly, there is Tara. I call her TW because those are her initials and it’s easy. Tara is a slightly granola mom of 3 boys that stays at home. She actually does feed her kids all whole and organic foods, and may give us some good ideas on some great recipes and what not.  She lives by water! I swear her third kid ate sand as his first solid food and continues to have at least one meal a day that consists of sand as long as it’s weather-permitting. She is our creative friend. She just started a small business called Coastal Soul Designs in which she refurbishes furniture and creates wall art amongst other things. There are so many things to learn from her so I thought we could share.

So since this page is mostly about us moms, what we like to do and what we can share,  I did not mention our other (I am not going to say better because that is REALLY pushing it) halves or our kiddos. I should say that we do actually all have really great husbands who are all great friends as well. They traipse around The Good (again, a nickname for our neighborhood…gotta have a nickname) at all hours of the night back and forth from our houses while drinking their beer and I assume talking about football stats or something manish like that. Now for all the little monsters…I mean muffins of course. Isn’t that what I called them earlier? I was trying to think of an endearing word and as we all know they are little muffins sometimes, but they are also little monsters other times. We are all thankfully past the really difficult times. I have the oldest. I love having the oldest. She is 10 and actually at a really great age (okay..as I type this it is 10 pm and she just calls me in her room to turn off her light because she can’t manage to do that and get her covers on in the dark. Seriously. Yep. Clearly very independent.)  I also have a 6 year old..it’s always the second one that is a challenge. ALWAYS.  Amanda has 2 girls that are similar in ages to mine and they are friends, but those 2 little ones are besties and partners in crime.   Angie Mar has a 6 year old and a 4 year old. The oldest is her  daughter, and again…that second one… is her son.  TW has the 3 boys. 6, 5, and 2. She has the youngest of the bunch and the cutest little boys you have ever seen.  I am sure the girls through their posts will elaborate more on the kiddos.  We will all post at different times about different topics and think of things worth sharing. One of our first adventures is to start a weekly yoga session with Angie Mar so she can teach us her moves and we will pass along our triumphs and our failures…more failures I am sure, but we will try and then have mimosas.  No one can really do the hard yoga ..right?  All the girls will post on a topic that they love here shortly, so stay tuned… or is there another word for it when you are blogging? I don’t have a clue! But it will be good!

Your BFF,



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