Mimosa Moms take on…Mimosas! 

Hi friends, Tara here! I know, I know I’ve been MIA in blogger world recently. I can say it’s not because of lack of free time since I can’t remember what free time actually is, since having kids. I also really don’t have much more than usual on my plate, you know, running 3 kids in 3 different directions and all that other crap Moms do. It’s been more of a shift of time in favor of doing less and not over-obligating myself. The holidays were magical but I needed a break from the craziness of our over packed schedules, working on my little art biz, check that out here (shameless plug 😆) and also, Mimosa Moms. I’ve been taking more time getting life more organized because, it’s winter, and it’s the perfect time to slow down. Even though I’ve always been really good at prioritizing sweet little life moments over a lot of things, its easy to let a packed schedule make you lose sight of that. Then, the fact that I signed my “baby” up to start preschool in the fall, it hit me like a ton of bricks that our days at home together are numbered. Sometimes it feels like all I do is shuffle him around from one place to another, working on everyone else’s agendas. So, I’ve literally been building blocks, fingerpainting, singing, snuggling, reading books with my first grader, learning to read with my kindergartner, Nerf gun battles, driveway basketball, skateboarding, a little bit of ninja fighting, and doing just about every other type of boy Mom activity every chance I get. Trust me, I still need my creative outlet so I’ve drafted plenty of posts and hopefully when they’re ready you’ll love them! In fact, my next one is in test mode right now and for me it’s been a total time saver, allowing me that extra snuggle time. 

So, on to the real point of this post. In addition to spending all of my time with my littles, I’ve managed to keep my regular girls outings in the loop too. After all, my girlfriends are my sanity. In fact, I encourage everyone to steal away some time for mimosas with your girlfriends. Seriously ladies, make time with your friends as often as you can, to escape, I mean, get out of the house without the kids and grab brunch, dinner, even lunch would do-with your girlfriends. We need this for our sanity. Trust me. Lucky for you, the Mimosa moms are here to help guide you in the right direction when you do have those rare precious moments with friends. You DO NOT want to end up at the wrong place during what might be your only kid free meal that month. This is IMPORTANT. That’s why we have decided to start regular reviews of local brunch places. We are calling this The Mimosa Moms Brunch Tour 2017. We are choosing two to three different places each tour and will be ordering mimosas, of course, but also reviewing signature cocktails and dishes from each restaurant, and blogging about our experiences as a whole- from each of our personal and different perspectives. We’ve told our husbands it’s blog research, which is why we must commit to regular brunch outings. I know, we’re pretty genius. Be on the lookout on the Mimosa Mom social media sites, for up to date check ins. Heck, depending on how many mimosas we have we may even go “LIVE”. If you are out come have a cocktail with us! We will be on Shore Drive this Sunday morning  as we embark on our first ever brunch tour! If you have any suggestions of places to add to our tour schedule let us know. Cheers!


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