New Year, New You?



Well, the holiday season has officially come and gone and I can say that we survived with only minor meltdowns, tantrums, mood swings and epic boredom in between all of the fa-la-la-la-la-ing.   Although the tree is still up (pine needles are down), the presents have all been put away or exchanged, the cards have been taken down from the mantle, and the “holiday wreath” scented candle has been upgraded to “winter glow.”

Now that the kids have gone back to school and I have had some time to de-clutter/ take a deep breath,  I thought I would update everyone on the big 30 day challenge from my previous post…yes, the one from way back in November.

In short, it lasted about 7 days. I’m not going to lie. I started with the greatest of intentions to take time for myself daily, while indulging in daily doses of positive self-talk and wine-infused bubble baths. I even remembered to write down my small victories each day. But then, somewhere, somehow, life got in the way AGAIN. I’m not quite sure what happened on day 8, or why it didn’t quite merit the same attention to detail as day 7. I would love to tell you that after only one short week I was able to master the art of reconnecting and thus did away with the daily log, but that would subsequently strip me of my reigning title as Hot Mess Mom. Have no fear friends, Hot Mess Mom is here to tell you that she is alive and well and still screwing things up on a routine basis!

Chances are that on day 8 one (or both) of my children had a major issue that needed to be solved immediately, dinner needed to get cooked, holiday presents needed to be smuggled into the house in ninja-like fashion and hidden away, my husband got stuck in tunnel traffic, something needed to be graded, and then I finally just fell asleep until starting all over again on day 9…. which somehow got pushed to day 10, day 11, and so one.   I am sure that I did do something small for myself on many of those days (like finishing 3 new books and getting my lip waxed) but I didn’t take the time to give myself credit for it in writing. I am hoping that there is at least one person out there reading this who had better success and is willing to reply to this post and share your experience!   And to the other friends who maybe read the last post and got all fired up to do this along with me, then totally forgot the minute you closed out your browser, please share your stories too…then we can all raise our wine glasses and celebrate our well intended efforts together!!! The point is that we made an effort and a step in the right direction for as long, or as little, as it lasted.

Now that I have shared my 7-day not-so-success story with you, you are probably thinking that I might possibly redeem myself with an amazing and inspiring new year’s resolution.   Well, you are out of luck because this year my resolution is to not make any resolutions. I’m not very good at them. Clearly this last experiment is proof of that. So is my unused gym membership, the TRX in the hallway closet, the empty wine bottle(s) in the recycle bin, the collection of DIY project ideas getting dusty on my pin board, and let’s not forget the “be a better person” plan because I think that ship has sailed quite honestly.

I have decided instead that I am just going to try and give myself credit when credit is rightfully due and take the year to try and be me, not a better me that constantly strives for an elusive state of perfection, just the here and now me. For starters, I found a gray-ish hair on my head this morning when I decided to be fancy with a new side part. Guess what??? I DIDN’T change the part OR pluck it. I didn’t even grab a Sharpie to color it. I just left it there smack-dab front-and-center on my hairline, pulled up my big girl panties and kept on walkin’. I wish nothing but the best to those of you who have dedicated yourself to a goal that may help you lose weight, be stronger, stress less, be a better listener, or even make better choices.

As for me, it felt pretty good to feel good enough and I think I am ok with it for today. Tomorrow might be a whole different mindset, but for today, I am ok with being me. This year I want to encourage everyone not to make this new year about being a new you, but to make this year about simply being the real you and loving yourself for everything that you already are…no changes or resolutions necessary!




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