DIY Halloween Pillow Cover For Under $10

Hi all! Is everyone ready for Halloween? Is it just me, or did Halloween really sneak up this year?! I cannot believe that in just a few days we will be trick or treating. I’m more unprepared than usual this year. The kids have been waffling still about what they want to be and I haven’t made them commit to anything, except for narrowing it down to the super hero category. I also usually get all festive with decorations for Halloween because it’s such a fun holiday and the kids LOVE it and love to help me decorate. For those that know me, decorating is one of my favorite things and I’ll take any excuse to throw up new decor in my house. So the fact that I’m just now putting up decor is very uncharacteristic of me. I’m a summer girl through and through so maybe I was trying to hold on to that sunshine just a little longer. Here we are though, almost NOVEMBER! I do love seeing all of the kiddos in their costumes, and we have lots of fun little get togethers with friends planned, so it’s time to light all of the pumpkin candles, crack open a pumpkin beer and really channel that Halloween spirit! Anytime I decorate you can bet a DIY or ten will be involved. Creating is just something that I love to do and I can’t go too long without letting my creativity out. Not only do I love the sense of accomplishment after a good DIY, I also love the fact that I can do things so inexpensive and custom to my imagination. Today’s post is a No-Sew Halloween pillow cover for under $10! The best thing about this is it’s completely customizable, and is just a fun addition to your decor.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Inexpensive pillow cover (I get mine for $5 from Hobby Lobby)

Craft paint

Paint brush


Print out of a silhouette or words (google search free printable stencils)

A piece of chalk

A piece of cardboard big enough to cover your design

Place your cardboard inside the pillow, this prevents bleed through and gives you a more solid surface to work with.

After you find your silhouette or words, print them on a regular piece of paper and cut out your design with scissors. Place it on your pillow cover using the placement that you want for your design. Take chalk and gently trace around the entire stencil. Remove the paper and you have your outline. Now start painting! I find it easiest to paint the outer edges with a thinner brush and then fill in with a thicker brush.

Let this dry and pop it over an old pillow or a pillow insert.

That’s it! Throw it on your front porch or on your couch mixed in with some other patterned throw pillows to greet all of the trick or treaters!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! If you give this DIY a try, send us a picture with your fun pillow designs or hashtag #mimosamomsdiy on Facebook or Instagram!

Xoxo- Tara


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