For the (truly) damaged

Do you believe in Karma? Bad luck? Ever feel like the world is out to get you? I’m not quiteimg_8618
sure which it is for me, but it’s been one hell of a ride the past two weeks! Let me take you on a tour and welcome you to my personal Crazy Town, where I am pretty sure I reign as Mayor. It’s been a bit since I posted last but I’ve had MORE than good reason. As everyone is well aware, Matthew hit the east coast and left a whirlwind of damage in its wake. “The Good” was no exception. First let me say that my area was much more fortunate than many others, but it certainly made life a little more complicated. Nine trees went down along the stretch of our three block street, knocking out power lines, damaging houses, flooding cars, and cutting off the Keurig!!! (Yes, hot mess mama without coffee- cry along with me).

So here’s my story in a nutshell. Our house was without power for five days (eh), we lost a fair amount of food before we were able to get a generator for the fridge/freezer(ugh), finally got power back (yay), came home from work to find the bedroom carpet saturated with water due to a broken water heater (double ugh), the outlet for the garbage disposal died which forced water to back up into the kitchen sink (wait, there’s more), my daughter got an ulcer in her mouth so the whole family suffered (You just don’t understand mommy! You’re the meanest EVER!! Why won’t you just buy me that so I feel better???), I started my period a week early (seriously WTF!) and now I am on my 3rd attempt at writing this blog post because my laptop has started beeping and flashing with crazy striped lines and shut itself down TWICE (OMFG – if I didn’t already have a migraine right now I would cry), oh…and my husband has been gone for a week.

Thankfully we had great friends and neighbors to help us through. I also had those great Oribe Cote d’Azure replenishing body wash samples to try out, so I found a silver lining, put on some brand new rain boots and sloshed my over way to Natalie’s for a hot shower and a glass of wine.

fullsizerender1It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Not just the free hot water, but also the body wash. It smelled heavenly and lathered up more than enough to shave both legs, above the knee for date night, and clean all the nooks and crannies that a woman holds dear. I had tried to convince myself that I would not fall in love with it; that I would be let down by yet another falsely advertised body wash promising to bring joy to my daily bathing ritual, but I fell, and I fell hard. I am not going to lie. I ran straight to my Amazon Prime app and looked up the price, only to be saddened by the $42 price tag. I will splurge on my hair, my body wash not so much.   I promise you friends I will find us a more affordable alternative!! Until then, I will very carefully ration out my remaining supply of samples for only the most important qualifying events (like when I finally get hot water back in my bathroom).

This leads me to my story about how my shampoo & conditioner seem to have my life all figured out. Who needs a counselor and $25 copay when I have Bumble & Bumble in my shower? My hairdresser recommended this line a few months back and now I think maybe fullsizerendershe might be a fortuneteller on the side. Let me introduce you to Mending: for the (truly) damaged. No really, that’s what it’s called. Perfect fit, right? This shampoo works miracles on my hair, protecting it from damage that can be caused by my hair dryer, curling iron, or flat iron on a pretty routine basis. Important to note, I find that it works best if you can leave the conditioner on for a few minutes before rinsing it out. I know this might seem a bit daunting in the world of the hurry- up-and-get-everything-done-in-the-shower –before-the-kids-break-someone- or-something –while-they-are-momentarily-unattended life of a mom, but believe me it is well worth it. It leaves my hair feeling incredibly smooth, soft and ready to conquer the world!

Ok friends, while I am off conquering the world (or at least wine country next week) with my amazing hair and great smelling womanhood, I will leave you with this token of inspiration I found on my coffee mug:



Every path has its puddles, that’s why I own a really cute pair of rain boots!”

~ Your (truly) damged friend,  Amanda


2 thoughts on “For the (truly) damaged

  1. First of all, let me tell you you should be publishing a book, maybe a screen platy or writing for a tv comedy. Al & I really enjoyed reading this…yes, we even laughed out loud when you mentioned daughter no.2 and her antics! Now I know what to get you for bday instead of your boring gift card, although I love to see your bargains when you use it! It sounds like you deserve a nice vacation with fine wine and a husband. We are looking forward to OUR VACATION too! God willing…see you soon!

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