Dreaded Dinners


So here is my first official “help anotha motha out” post! I thought I would go slow and  warm you up to my craziness and this venture is pretty tame, so here goes.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE weeknight dinners. I don’t mind the cooking, I just mind the figuring out what the heck to make. If someone can just tell me what the meal plan is going to be for the week, I can make it through…along with my bottle, I mean glass of wine while cooking.  Enter… HELLO FRESH!  I had seen all the ads for Hello Fresh and Blue Apron and I thought for a while about trying one. Finally, I did.  This is what I found….my life just got a little easier!

I chose Hello Fresh over Blue Apron because of a recommendation from a friend who had tried both. What she liked about Hello Fresh is that the meal’s ingredients come packed separately and labeled according to that meal, per the picture above, instead of ingredients for all the meals packaged in one box together and you have to sort it all out. That’s just crazy.  You get your delivery on the day of the week that you choose. I get mine on Saturdays because I like to have a nice meal to cook on Sundays.  Having a nice Sunday dinner fools everyone, including myself, into thinking I am that awesome mom/wife who provides a wholesome healthy meal that we can all sit down at the table together and enjoy.  This  begins our week with some solid food and family time.  Yes, I do actually think that is  important. The kids even put away their devices for those 30 tortuous minutes it takes to eat and conversate about life with their family.

You may also choose to get 2 or 3 meals per week for a family of 2 or 4 people. Now… for people like my sister,  who has  16 kids (not really, she only has her brady bunch crew of 5 kiddos, but it seems like a crap load to me so I like to exaggerate it…love you Nichole) I am not sure how this whole meal delivery thing would work, but for the average family it’s doable. Speaking of the average family. My husband was very skeptical, because he’s a big boy and likes to eat..like most men.  There was concern that this was not really going to feed a family of 4, but feed like 2  “I am watching my diet so I eat small portions” adults, and 2 little birdies…I mean kids.  We have had no issues with that. My girls are pretty good eaters as well, and we have had enough leftovers for someone to take a lunch the next day from pretty much every meal.


The meals are well-balanced, taste good, and get the kids to eat things they do not normally eat. We get the family box which is a little more kid-friendly, but still includes great variety of meals. We do not choose what we get every week. It’s a surprise! That may sound scary to some, but I honestly love that. That way when the kids ask “whats for dinner?” ..and they are only asking so they can say “eww gross, I don’t like that” or “I don’t want that. I only want pasta with butter and cheese”.  I really can say , “I don’t know what we are having”.. and mean it. That shuts them up pretty fast. They have no idea what to say to that. So they try it, and most of the time THEY LIKE IT! And so do the hubby and I.  SUCCESS.  You should try it!  The meal that is pictured was not the fanciest, but here is a list of other meals that we have had. Not a one has been a disappointment!

Barbecue Chicken with Rainbow Pasta, Cheesy Burrito Bake, Seared Steak with Caprese Orzo Salad, Chicken Marsala with Skillet zucchini and Mushroom Pan-Sauce, Peppercorn Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Broccoli, Cheesy Meatball Subs with Herby Marinara and Crispy Broccolii, Sausage Bolognese with Spinach, Spaghetti, and Parmesan, Sesame Shrimp with Ginger Scallion Rice and Crispy Green Beans

As far as the cost.. well, it is not the cheapest although to me it is certainly worth more than the headache of that what I am going to make for dinner dilema.  It costs $80 for 2 meals a week, for a family of 4. That is $40 a meal. I have often thought we can go out to dinner for that much, but nothing really beats being at home with a meal cooked by mom. I actually think I would spend about the same at the grocery store to buy all of the ingredients for the full meal, but this way, someone else picks, plans, and delivers! Brilliant!

So that is my little tid bit for today on how to make it through the week! Don’t forget your wine! Until next time Ladies!



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