Own Your Mom Bod!

Hello friends –

Thanks in advance for taking the opportunity to read my first blog post. This whole blogging thing is brand new to me so please be patient and gentle with your comments =) Natalie provided a great summary of all of us on our “About Us” page, but I wanted to take a moment and share some additional information about myself so you can get to know me a little better.

Here it goes….

First and foremost, this blog is not written by that beautiful, perfect trainer who has 0% body fat with glistening rock hard muscles and never ate a cupcake in her life. I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not a sponsored athlete, I haven’t written any books, and I don’t have any YouTube channels. What I am is a hard-working mother who has a passion for fitness.

By day, I work for a large global firm managing the wealth management education for our executive leadership. Through this role, I have the awesome opportunity to travel to many great places! I love my firm, I love my colleagues, I love my job!

I’m also blessed enough to be married to the most wonderful man in the world. He cooks, he bakes, he builds…but, I don’t trust him with my laundry (lol). He’s one of those guys that is willing to help anyone and is always putting others before himself. He would give you the shirt right off his back!

I have 3 beautiful babies (this includes 1 furbaby). My firstborn is my 9 year old 120 pound yellow lab. Best. Dog. Ever. The end. My 2nd is my 6 year old daughter who has shown the world that she is strong and can overcome anything after almost losing her to bacterial meningitis at the age of 9 months old. My last is my 4 year old son. He is my spunky, outgoing, and crazy fun nugget. BUT, he’s also that boy that will test the limits. Let’s be real here…if he was my first, he’d be my last! (Love you Big E! Hug. Hug. Kiss. Kiss!)

My fit posts will not be just about reaching a specific goal by a certain deadline, but rather a continuing fit journey that I hope you’ll go through with me. I will be posting about fitness and exercise related topics on a weekly basis. This will be about living a healthy lifestyle through exercise while either working full-time or being a busy stay-at-home mom caring for sweet nuggets! I hope you’ll find my posts helpful and inspiring.

Rather than covering exercise as my first post, I wanted to start with a note about loving yourself in the body you were given and owning it! Let me tell you, it’s hard! Let me share my personal story. I am 5 feet tall and was 100 pounds when I was pregnant with my son. During my pregnancy, I had double amniotic fluid (imagine an extra gallon of water in your belly along with your baby) and my son was born weighing in at 9 pounds. I was HUMONGO! But, that wasn’t all baby and fluid weight. I was the girl that ate French Fries like there would be no tomorrow. My OBGYN even had a “sit down” with me and advised that I probably didn’t need French Fries with every single meal. I gained 60 pounds with my son!! I remember someone telling me that I was “as far out as I was tall”! After giving birth to son, my belly looked like a deflated balloon with all this excess skin. Ew, right? No matter how hard I worked at melting off my “baby fat”, I still had a funky looking belly. I had even scheduled an appointment with a well-known plastic surgeon for a tummy-tuck procedure. Then one night I had a dream that I was going through the procedure and I didn’t wake up from it. In that dream, my kids called out for me, but I was no longer there for them. If I didn’t take that as a sign, I’d be silly! I immediately cancelled the appointment. I continued to work out, but I would hide my body. At that point, there were no more bikinis for me!

Sooooo, it’s been 4 years post-baby and I’m just now feeling comfortable with my body….and now that I’m here…it’s FREEING! I’ve entered into the “No More Fs Given” zone. I have accepted my body, I love my body, and I’m going to own my body…with the stretched out belly, excess skin and all!

If I can do it, so can you! Free yourself, you’ll love it! Mom bods rule!

Of course, there are other awesome factors associated with the “No More Fs Given” rule. When you love your body, you’ll begin to embrace more confidence. As a mom, accepting your body is very important, especially in the eyes of our children. When you own your body and you’re confident about it, you will portray a positive body image for your kids. You’ll be able to teach your kids about the importance of accepting their body. I believe this should be taught at a very young age. It can be especially hard on teens, so be prepared to not only have those conversations, but also be a role model and lead through example!

So for the first time ever, I’m sharing my mom bod belly selfie. Those who know me will know how hard it was for me to post this pic! This is a raw untouched photo baring it all! This is to prove to you all that it’s okay to “not give any more Fs” about what other people think. I may have my abs back, but it comes with a deformed belly button and extra wrinkly skin. But, guess what? I love it, I will own it. I invite and encourage you to share your own “no more Fs given” pic.

Repeat after me. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough. (Quote by Vanessa Pawlowki)

Now, I’m off to conquer the world! Until next time….

Thanks for reading!

Your BFF,




9 thoughts on “Own Your Mom Bod!

  1. I applaud and affirm your attitudes ladies! I’m 50 and a mother of 4 awesome “kids” ranging from 15 up to 29. I also have an amazing, brilliant and beautiful 1 month old grandson. I have to say that the moms at work don’t look at my figure, they come to me for my experience, knowledge and support. That’s what it’s REALLY all about. Supporting and lifting each other up through our struggles and celebrating our victories.

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  2. Angie, I have seen your amazing yoga poses, envied how cute you look in your jeans, and been in awe of your passion for everything. But seeing your mom belly… well, I love you even more! Loved the blog post – keep writing!!!

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  3. I love this! I hope to get to your confidence about by “post babies” belly. You are gorgeous and I applaud you for the struggle we all go through. I too have considered a plastic surgeon to get rid of my pooch, but am determined to run it off. I really loved reading this and can’t wait to read more, my friend.

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    1. Thank you, Christie! You have a beautiful body and you should definitely own it! You run like a beast. You were my inspiration for running faster for the races after we ran together for the Surfin’ Santa! Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words! #mombodsrule


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