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 Mommy Glow on the Go Smoothie


Happy Monday!  Welcome to my first blog post, I’m happy that you are here! Today I want to share my favorite Mommy morning breakfast routine. First however, I want to share a little bit more about myself. I’m a stay-at-home Mom of 3 boys- ages 6, 5 and 2.  I have a wonderful husband of almost 10 years and our life is crazy and busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was a full time working Mom until my third precious one came and our daycare bill would have become insane!  I’ve found, since being at home, it’s easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day, in the kids’ lives, where some days adult conversation can be hard to come by (not counting the often overly chatty conversation with the Target cashier). I also feel that in order to maintain our sanity as Moms, and every so often to be reminded of the people we are other than parents, several things are essential-good friends, making time for something you are passionate about, and maybe a little wine. I’ll be writing about all of those things in my posts- except the wine. That’s just usually involved with all of the aforementioned things. Most of my passions involve being creative and feeling good in the home that I have created for my family. Whether it’s a fun DIY project that makes your home feel cozy, or a new recipe that most of your children will eat, these are the topics that I will be sharing in this blog. I hope you enjoy reading and maybe even get inspired to try something new in your home!

Now- back to the Mommy morning breakfast routine. I should start by saying that I’m not really a breakfast person, this excludes weekend brunch, of course! I generally need a couple of cups (maybe more) of coffee in my system before I can think about eating. By then, it’s time to get the kids off to school and time to get the day started. There just isn’t much time in the morning for me to have breakfast. Enter the smoothie. I like to call this recipe the Mommy Glow on the Go Smoothie!  I tried for years to drink smoothies as breakfast, but they left me starving for food and mostly carb-loaded junk! My motto is this- when I eat something, it should benefit my body, not just fill me up. It’s easy to neglect our health as parents when we are constantly feeding little mouths. I can’t tell you the times I have heard a Mom say she hasn’t eaten anything all day! That would never fly with your kids, so why treat yourself like that? Plus, they need a healthy, fully functioning Mommy!  This smoothie is not only great on-the-go, it has numerous health benefits with ingredients like chia seeds that are packed with heart healthy omega 3-fatty acids and fiber to help keep you full, Matcha (which is made from  ground  green tea leaves) and are said to boost metabolism and provide energy, Maca Root powder which is rich in vitamins B, C and E, improves energy, focus and also balances hormone levels that can help improve skin problems such as acne, Açaí berry has powerful antioxidants that counteract cell damage in the body, and apple cider vinegar which is great for gut health and balancing blood sugar levels. These are just some of the benefits from these supplements! Keep in mind though, some of the ingredients may react differently for others than they do for me, and I’m not a doctor, so always consult yours before adding new foods or supplements to your diet.

I can sip on this when I’m at the bus stop, running errands, and the best part is that it keeps me full until lunch. Here is the recipe to get your glow and go on!

Mommy Glow on the Go Smoothie

Ingredients- (all organic when possible)

¼ cup frozen berries

½ frozen banana

2 cups fresh spinach or kale

8 ounces of coconut water (can be substituted for almond milk)

2 tbs Chia seeds

1 tsp Matcha powder

1 tsp Maca Root powder

1 tsp Açaí Powder

2 tbs apple cider vinegar (use a high quality, raw one that includes the “mother”)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and liquefy. If you are hitting the gym that day, add a scoop of your favorite protein powder, just make sure it’s a good one (my favorite is Vega Clean Protein, it’s plant based, non-GMO and one of the better tasting plant based powders). Happy glowing!

*I purchase my powders at Whole Foods in the bulk section at a decent price. You can also find these on Amazon. I’ve attached the link to the brands I’ve used if I have to buy them packaged.

Your BFF,






3 thoughts on “ Mommy Glow on the Go Smoothie

  1. Tara,
    Great post! I’m looking forward to trying out the recipe. Where would I purchase Maca Root, Matcha Powder and Acai Powder? We have Whole Foods here in NY, can I buy them there?



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