Meeting of the Moms (aka Mimosa Talk)

Meeting of the Moms….

It’s 10:30 on a Saturday night, the kids are in bed (well mostly), and the husbands are MIA.  Our Blog hits are booming – don’t get as excited as we did – it’s mostly from us trying to figure out how the hell to delete a widget (what the f’s a widget anyway) and edit undo our accidental undo.

The wine is flowing and the Coors tab is popped as we have a meeting of the moms to decompress and get our shit together.  What have we been up to since the last post you ask?  TW is making progress on the fall crafting while the laundry piles up as high as her toddler’s fever…..but hey, the fall hutch is done.

Amanda has a grade queue as long as the women’s bathroom line at an FGL concert that needs to be addressed, her 9 year old has turned into Judy Moody, and she is in serious need of some retail therapy.

Nat is currently complaining about her Costco bill, but let’s be honest, who can resist 320 NutriGrain bars and a 2 quart bottle of Kirkland’s sangria for $5.99???

Angie Mar wants to know why the hell she “looks so Asian” in her pics, but last time we checked, we’re pretty sure she’s Asian.  In other news, she is celebrating the acquisition of a hot new momtastic minivan, anticipating the Tooth Fairy’s first visit for her daughter, and mastering the “fallen angel” pose in her yoga routine.

We are coming up with some great ideas of what we want to share with all of you and let you into our world of fun and friendship.  Stay tuned….we are off to open another bottle of Kirkland.

Your BFFs,

The Mimosa Moms




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